Surf type & level

Surf type & level

The wave is a very long “left hand” wave! There are two breaks- “the cape” and “the point”, the wave at “the point” (right beneath the hotel) is 2.3 km, and the wave at “the cape” is 2 km, when the two of them join they form a  4.3 Km long wave!  (this does not happen all the time) Suitable for all surf levels, from beginners and through to advanced and experienced surfers who want to ride long waves, and to be able to do tens of maneuvers in one wave. There are three sections where you can get barreled but what really makes this wave unique is its length. Board types: Short board, long board, fun board, SUP (beginners & advanced)

There are two small speed boats that bring the surfers back to the point at the end of each wave, so that the surfers don’t have to waste their energy to get back either on foot or paddling. This allows surfers to reach 30-35 waves in one sessions (approx. 3 hours), twice a day.

Within an hour’s drive there are several other surf spots, suitable for different surf levels, including barreling reef breaks, and more long open waves similar to Chicama. In our surf trips we go at least twice to surf locations other than Chicama.


Boutique Surf accommodation (only 20 rooms), that was built to create the ultimate surf experience, which is felt firstly in the location of the hotel, right above the point, allowing a clear view of this amazingly long wave at all times from every spot at the hotel.
The rooms are of a very high standard, and every small detail of comfort for surfers was thought of, such as well-kept clean surfboard storage room, to which the boards are taken by the staff as soon as you return to the hotel, an outdoor shower near a wetsuit drying room.
On the balcony, there is a 44 C (110F) Jacuzzi hot-tub overlooking the waves, with strong jets to loosen and comfort your muscles, and a cold water swimming pool, which allows the hot-cold action to release muscle tension.
Downstairs there is an indoor spa-recovery section, with two saunas (dry&wet), another Jacuzzi hot tub, and massage rooms.

What’s included in our surf package to Peru?

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When you come on a surf vacation with Express your Surf we take care of everything from the moment you step off the plane so that you can focus on surfing. Here’s exactly what’s included in your stay…
  • Your transfers to and from Trujillo airport.
  •  accommodation in a double room (if you would like to be alone in a double room, there is an extra cost for that)
  • All your surf coaching: Daily in-water and video coaching during your stay with us, as well as daily surf theory lessons & video feedback. The exact combination depends on what specific skills you are working on.
  •  Buffet breakfast.  served at the hotel  restaurant overlooking the spectacular ocean view.
  • Video Footage Of Your Surfing: Our photographer will be down on the beach, and in the water with you every day during your stay to capture your waves. We will transfer all the video footage to you either during your stay or right after we get back .
  • Exclusive use of a speed boat that takes you back to the peak after every wave, so that you can keep your energy for catching more waves.
  • Use of Pool, Sauna and Jacuzzi facilities. Enjoy the outdoor Jacuzzi hot-tub and cold water swimming pool, overlooking the waves. Combine the jacuzzi’s  strong jets to loosen and comfort your muscles, with a dip in the cold pool, to get the hot-cold action which releases muscle tension.

  • Your flights to Peru are not included but once you reach Trujillo  we’ve got you covered.
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Massage services during your stay (highly recommended)
  • Laundry services