Israel offers a variety of SUP locations, each with its own unique conditions, scenery, history, and vibe. While SUP’ing you will pass by sites with religious, cultural and historical significance, marine nature reserves, unique natural geographical phenomena and more.. You can easily combine in the trip some dry land sightseeing such as walking around Jerusalem, climbing Masada, nightlife in Tel Aviv and lots more.

The Mediterranean Sea: Akko / Jaffa / Caesarea

All ancient port cities from various eras. You will paddle beside ancient roman ruins, aqueducts, Ottoman Empire walls and more. Traditional Mediterranean food and fresh sea foods are always a part of the tour. Mostly the water is calm but periodically its can also get some nice (not very big) waves which can be great for SUP surfing.

The Red Sea, Eilat:

If you want to experience summer during winter time, come down to the sunny and vibrant Eilat, where you can enjoy all watersports including: SUP, KITE, WINDsurf, SCUBA, SNORKEL.
It is a dessert oasis, where tourist from all around the world come to enjoy the spectacular Red Mountains, turquoise waters, rich sea life and buzzing night life too…


Basically you can SUP and surf all year round. Although such a small country, we have a few different climatic systems working at the same time. Israel enjoys long, warm, dry summers (April-October) and generally mild winters (November-March) with somewhat drier, cooler weather in hilly regions It is recommended to avoid the hottest months of June-August. Water temp. in the Mediterranean: April-October: 20-28 C . November- March: 18-20 C .