Morocco is the kingdom of “right handers”, due to the topography of the coastline in relation to the swell direction. Below a small authentic fisherman village (more details upon request), where we will take you surfing, is what was recently discovered as one of the longest waves in Africa. It is a right hander, with a sandy bottom, a very long wave of 700 m, the peak is located right near the local traditional fisherman boats docking area. Entering the water through the traditional fishermen is an experience in itself. The village is approx. 2 hours from Agadir, 4 hours from Marrakesh and 7 hours from Casablanca. We will fly into one of these cities, and be picked up and driven to the village from there.


 We will enjoy there traditional Moroccan food (couscous, Tagine, meats, salads etc) But keep in mind no alcohol available.


October- April (local winter) This period has the best swell, least wind, and ideal outdoor temp.

Surf type & level

Surf type & level

Mainly Right hand waves. The village has two bays for surfing: The first bay is a sandy bottom beach break suitable for all levels, and is ideal mainly for longboards, funboards, and  SUP.
The second  bay, is a more hollow wave, breaks on rocks, suitable for short boards or advanced level SUP. It takes 7 minutes walk to reach from one bay to the other, with the walk being through an authentic pleasant fisherman village.


Simple living- is the name of the game here, and there is no internet in the village.
We will stay in an 8 room guest House, on a cliff overlooking the peak and the bay. Being able to see the peak all day allows us to  choose the best time to go surfing, especially according to the tides.
The rooms we will stay in are simple yet very clean, and they do have electricity & hot water showers (separate). The guest house owners speak English which is not trivial at all..